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Isn't it funny...

While growing up, no matter where you are, you hate where you live. There's nothing to do, no one to do it with, and no way to get there if there was!

Now, I miss those roads and the atmosphere of home. I miss the beaches and the community and the quiet of it all. I want to be close to my family when all I wanted when I was younger was to get away from them.

It probably has a lot to do with growing up and realizing fully what I had there. I also know I want to have kids someday and I want them to have the same relationship with my parents as I had with my grandparents. It's really quite distressing at times.

It seems only logical when talking about family to start with my parents, Joe and Linda. Sometimes it's hard to think of them as young (but we all know they were...we've seen pictures).

My parents met in England, dad was stationed there and mom was an English native. She told me once that she thought he was going to go for her sister...What a surprise when he first came to see her. They dated and did all the usual stuff people do on dates and got married.

My father's whole family (my grandparents and all 5 brothers and sisters) went to England for the festivities. From the pictures it looked like a grand event! Then, 13 months later I came along.

One story I remember hearing was when my mother left me with the men (dad and grandpa) and went out...When she got back, she found me screaming my head off and the guys trying to give me milk...without a bottle!

A short while later (Once I was big enough to ride on a plane), the three of us went to the United States. Where the real adventure begins!

My Sisters

I don't remember much of when Sarah or Laura were born, or even of my mother being pregnant. My sisters were always just there! Of course, being the oldest, I had all sorts of responsibilities...sitting in the middle on car trips when they fought, trading money ('I'll give you these two dimes for that one quarter...), and teaching babysitters what hell really is!

What was especially fun was when a sitter tried to put us to bed. Our bedroom was directly above the living room. Naturally, we were never tired when the sitter put us to bed. So we'd stand on the end of the bed and fall backwards...causing a racket downstairs. One time mom came home early and heard us doing it...boy were we in trouble!


One day while playing at a friend's house I heard some meowing. Upon investigation, I found a little black kitten across the road. When I showed him to dad, he said we had to try to find the owners (I found out later he didn't want to commit to keeping him). So, I gathered my friends and we all headed around the block knocking on all the doors to find the people who lost their cat.

Of course the poor thing was taking too kindly to being held forcefully, and me in my sundress wasn't about to let him go and lose him. Naturally, I was thoroughly scratched...but I wasn't letting go.

No one claimed him (and I was thoroughly overjoyed) so we brought him home. Dad, still not wanting to commit, said he could spend the night but we had to call the police and report him missing.

I made Spookey (I had named him at that point) a little bed in my doll crib. Course he didn't stay in his bed so I was up all night chasing him around. But the next morning I was told we could keep him, but he was to be an outdoor cat.

I found out later that neither mom or dad wanted to be the bad guy and say Spookey had to be taken to the pound after my carrying him around all day. So, he lived a long and happy life.

Rachel Anne Macauley



B.A. at North Adams State College (NASC), North Adams, MA
Major: English/Communications Concentrations: Public Relations (PR) and Writing


Business Writing
The Exceptional Assistant
Customer Service
Stress Management
for Women
Team Building
Basics of Bar Coding

Computer Software Experience
Macintosh OS
Word Perfect
Windows 3.11 & '95
Microsoft Works
Internet Applications
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word
First Choice

Tripod, Inc., Williamstown, MA
(1998 - Present)
Administrative Assistant, Community & Media
- Organized contracts & invoices for the editorial staff
- Researched information for department off site retreats
- Updated staff pages for web site

New England Educational Institute (NEEI), Pittsfield, MA
(1997 - 1998)
Customer Relations Representative
- Performed general sales and customer service tasks
- Organized and researched book sale information
- Tracked competitor's performance
Web Master
- Designed, formatted and administered NEEI's Web Page using HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)

Novtex Corp., North Adams, MA
(1994 - 1997)
Office Clerk
- Assisted customers with orders, shipping and billing
- Organized databases
- Familiarized potential customers with business practices
- Assigned UPC numbers to products for customer inventory purposes
Customer Service Sales Support
- Informed co-workers about the implementation of new projects
- Relayed to supervisors the development of works in progress
- Produced and distributed price sheets to sales representatives
- Coordinated a team effort to promote products

General Communications Co, North Adams, MA
(1993 - 1995)
- Mediated and resolved client problems
- Coordinated problem solving efforts
- Recommended and screened potential employees
- Trained and supervised new employees

NASC, North Adams, MA
(1991 - 1995)
Writing Tutor, Center for Academic Advancement
- Assisted students in improving writing skills
- Coordinated lesson plans with professors
News Broadcaster/Newswriter, The Beacon & 91.1 WJJW
- Interviewed sources for campus media
- Produced commercials for college radio broadcast
- Generated clear and accurate news stories
Public Relations Consultant, Campus Activities Board
- Publicized major program events
- Researched client's practices
- Devised a recommendation to improve decision making practices
Nominations and Awards
- Who's Who Among American College Campuses and Universities
- Selected to the Dean's List for the 1994 fall semester

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