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Embarrassing Moments on Tripod

Never sit in a rocking chair at a party

I went to a party with some friends, a usual Saturday night event. Of course, everyone was drinking and having a good time.
Towards the end of the night, I spotted a guy who I thought was cute (I could have been beer-goggling, who know) and we got to talking.

After a while I left him and went to talk to my friends and ended up sitting in a really comfy rocking chair. There were lots of cushions on it. The guy came up to talk to me and he looked really unsteady on his feet so I offered to let him sit on my lap (he wasn't a very big guy).

I didn't realize he was as drunk as he was...He came at me and plopped down, flipping the chair, me, and him backwards on the floor. So, there we were laying on our backs, feet up in the air in the middle of the party with everyone laughing at us.

So, the lesson learned here is never share a rocking chair in the midst of a party!

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This embarrassing page was created by Tripod member Rachelly.

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