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This is my Cleo. She hates having her picture taken!
Favorite Hobbies:
Making a Mess!

This is my boy, Tux. Probably the most laid back cat ever!
Favorite Hobbies:
Terrorizing Cleo!

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The funny and amazing stories abound!

I'll start with my own amazing story...
Tux is one of those cats who people think shall we say...not very bright. It seems this way to me as well sometimes, but one particular day, he shocked us. I have a glass in the shape of a boot that I keep my change in. One this day, there was one lone penny in the toe.
Now Tux loves pennies and decided he wanted it. He tried several different ways of getting it out of the boot...poking at the side of the glass, putting his paw into the boot, even putting his face in the boot.

The next thing I know, his paw is in the boot with it tipped just enough for the penny to drop to the heel. He grabs the penny (oh, to have opposing thumbs!) and drags it up the side of the boot and drops it on the table. Which he promptly picked up in his mouth and trotted away. All of this being done without tipping the boot!

To me, this was amazing!

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This is Gabbi,
a new addition to a friend's house.

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