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Goulart, Fallon & Taccini Family Reunion

August 2000


Welcome to the family reunion, memories. If anyone would like to sumit pictures or commentary, please let me know at

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How the kids loved the MoonWalk!

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Of course, no one went far from the keg!

You'll have to notice, Paul and Mac have the same look on their face. "I would smile, but I have beer in my mouth!"


Then there are the conversations...

Reflecting and laughing about old times, catching up on all the new things in peoples lives, and seeing how we all have grown.
Anne & Dave

Caty & John

Flo & Cathy

Tiffany, Geri & David

Joe & Anne

Liz & Linda

Joe & Pat

Laura G & Laura C

Tiffany, Mark & Flo

Aunt Ruth & Linda

Paul & Sarah
He has nice teeth, dontcha think? :)

Liz & Linda


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